Monday, August 08, 2005

another typhoon swept by

Alas another typhoon has come and gone since my last post. Became dreadfully sick after the last typhoon—the worst sore throat ever—but all was not lost as I had the latest Harry Potter to see me through the weekend. And a good installment, too. I was a bit worried that Harry's teenage diatribes would continue in Book Six, but thankfully he's matured and there were no more tirades. The trademark Rowling humor was out, but the series has definitely matured and has bits of sadness, like the last season of Sex and the City, when you realize that these four crazy women have grown and are no longer as silly and carefree as they once were.

The following weekend was family weekend at the beach house, with plenty of cute kids, and mommies and nannies to look after them, too. Lots of yummy grilled food. Too much, but oh so good!

Then this typhoon came upon us rather suddenly. I had not expected a typhoon day last Friday, and it definitely realized how much I've let work take over my life. I couldn't properly enjoy the surprise holiday until I had checked our daily revenus in the morning. I definitely need to put work far, far away after I've left. All in all, a good, quiet, restorative weekend.

Oh, and another delicious-as-always dinner at Din Tai Fung, thanks to Matt and Tina's visit. 'twas a good reason to get a few people out last Thursday to show our foreign guests the best of Taiwan's dining scene, which they (like almost all visitors to Taiwan), get plenty of exposure to while here!


Anonymous said...

the xiaoloanbao looks amazing on their website.

You have such a great life. I wish I was in Taiwan too.
Do you go to the night market lots?

B said...

Thanks a lot! The xiaolongbao at Din Tai Fung is indeed, and most importantly, consistently tasty. Unfortunately I haven't been to the night market in awhile.