Friday, June 24, 2005


Looking back at my posts, it's ironic to see me rant and rave about portion sizes and nutrition in America, and then have my next post be on cupcakes. Anyways, tying up some loose ends here.

In Honolulu, I stayed at the Waikiki Sand Villa hotel. Definitely a good value. For less than US$100 a night, my brother and I got comfortable beds, a nice view of the Ala Wai canal and golf course, air conditioning, good water pressure in the shower, and most importantly, free high speed internet access. While deciding which hotel to book in Honolulu, I was overwhelmed by the choices and distance from the beach. Well, Honolulu is not that big. Eminently walkable. So for the record, the hotel is about three blocks from the beach. The U.S. is a big price shock if you're used to traveling in Southeast Asia, but I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.


Anonymous said...

Oahu is one of my favorite places to visit.
When I go, I use Priceline, and usually can get a really nice room at the hawaiian prince, right on Wakiki for $75+tax and fee. The room is right on the water,delux.

Otherwise, I would book a B&B and cottage near the beach around the windward side.

B said...

I was scared of using Priceline, since I read comments on Travel Advisor about people who got placed into rooms with cockroaches. I'll consider trying them next time. I definitely looked at several B&Bs, but ultimately decided since I wouldn't be renting a car, that would be seriously inconvenient. Thanks for the suggestions though!