Friday, December 17, 2004

Into the waters at Kending

I'm going to Kending this weekend to complete my four open water dives so that I can finally get my PADI Open Water Diver certification. Trying to be upbeat about the weekend, and approach it as a much-needed break with Eve, instead of a rushed trip squeezed in to get the darn course over with so that we can move on. I'd rather not be on such a tight schedule, and pay all this extra money, but this will be my first time to Kending so should be exciting. At least we are staying at a decent hotel Saturday night so maybe I can relax, paint my toenails, put cucumber slices on my eyes...ha ha.

My face has been irritated (dry and flaky) and I've been reacting to the elastics in my stockings. Neil says that this is probably due to an internal inbalance - perhaps in reaction to stress - instead of merely a change in weather. This is altogether a very Asian viewpoint instead of a Western one, and I have to agree. The Western way is to merely treat the topical symptoms, while the Asian approach is to try to balance the inside. Let's see what the waters at Kending do for me.

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