Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Every aisle a checkout aisle

There's a hilarious article in the Wall Street Journal about how Wal-mart in Germany has found hosting singles shopping events a great way to boost sales. Apparently, Wal-mart employees now vie for the Friday night shifts when the events are held. Says one satisfied customer, Andreas Semprich, "I first tried out discotheques, but that did not work. First of all, when you see some of the women again in daylight, I sometimes almost fainted. No, this here is much better. It is a natural, relaxed atmosphere. And besides, I can also save money. The milk is cheaper than in any other store."

There's nothing like the bright flourescent lights of a discount shopping center and the cheapest milk this side of the Rhine to ensure avoiding the beer goggle trap.

In other worlds, feeling rather sleepy despite having gone to bed early last night...perhaps because of the changing seasons. Last week I enjoyed an Indian summer in Taipei, but now winter definitely feels like it is here to stay.

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