Thursday, August 12, 2004

Oh my...

Today is Thursday, and I've already worked over 60 hours this week. HOWEVER. I am leaving the office right after this post. Yup, in just a few moments, I am leaving. I was actually quite perky yesterday, after aching all day Tuesday (both head and body). Tuesday night I hoofed it home, turned off my cell, took a multivitamin, extra vitamin C, and some ibuprofen and was in bed before 11:30. Unfortunately, I was in the office until past midnight yesterday. I took a cab home, only to realize I had forgotten my wallet back in the office. The driver was extremely understanding, and I ended up reserving him for my commute today since I didn't even have NT$20 on me to take the subway in the morning. So I got into the office a bit earlier than usual (6:45am) and rushed right up to grab my wallet and pay the poor cabbie.

My highlight of the week is the jazz dance class I took with Angela on Monday. Although I have the strength, I must have the world's worst flexibility, and I'm sure I must have looked pretty ridiculous compared to the other students. But it felt so good to move my body in non-linear directions. Cheers to Angie for introducing us to the dance studio!

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