Friday, July 09, 2004

in a snow globe

So apparently Wednesday was the hottest day in Taipei for the year so far, at 36.4 degrees Celsius (97.5 degrees Farenheit), the 5th highest ever. This was news to me...lately I seem to be ensconced in my own little world, the snow globe that is the air conditioned environment of my work.

A quick re-cap of this past week's events: Friday caught up with Jen (hadn't seen her in nearly a month); Saturday caught up with Mike and enjoyed my birthday present of a pedicure from the Regent's spa, and then later enjoyed a quiet moment by the Xindian riverside with Eve, Jonathan, and company; on Sunday I hosted a brunch.

On the menu was field greens with walnut-encrusted goat cheese and cranberries, scrambled eggs with fresh veggies and ham, a bread basket (with Ellie's red bean toast!), freshly squeezed orange juice, seasonal fresh fruit, and tiramisu for dessert. My favorite cafe did an excellent job preparing and serving the brunch. This year's brunch was a lot easier than last year's, as I've gotten smarter by making only one dish (the salad) and outsourcing the rest.

Afterwards, Eve and I went for a much-needed workout at the gym. My goodness, there was a whole slew of women lined up for some instructor's aerobics class. He's supposed to be cute, but I actually find him rather strange-looking. To each his own, I guess, but waiting for over half an hour to use the shower was not so fun.

Let's see...Monday was climbing, Tuesday was Eve's birthday dinner at Gan Bei, Wednesday I got to see Harry Potter 3 with Jen, courtesy of my credit card company. Hermione is my favorite character: she may not be as gifted as Harry, but she is smart as hell and has her basics down pat. And she's mellowing into quite a cool chick and not as uptight as she was her first year. Perhaps I see a little of myself in her?

Anyways, tomorrow is moving day! I am so looking forward to moving in with Angela; my current situation has been quite untenable. 'twill be nice to have a place I can finally call my own.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Berta, do you ever check your alum email from that snow globe of yours? ~M+K