Saturday, May 22, 2004

A beautiful day!

It's amazing how wonderful the world is when you're fully rested. I remember how surprised I was when Jeannine first told me, "I knew today was going to be a crappy day last night [because I went to sleep late]." At the time, I thought that was such a negative attitude - one should wake up every morning hoping for a fabulous day. But she's absolutely right. If you know you're going to be sleep-deprived the next day, chances are, the day is not going to be as fabulous as it could have been.

Anyways, I finally caught up on some much needed sleep. It might have even been pouring this morning. But I'm not sure, because I was sleeping. And now, the sun is out. And I am enjoying the view from the window in my office. Where I am studying. I'm such a dork. But at least I'm not a sleepy dork.

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