Saturday, March 13, 2004

Last night I saw Bamboo Dream, an amazingly beautiful performance by Taiwan's renowned Cloud Gate Dance Theater. I found the visuals very inspiring, and after the performance, we were lucky enough to take part in a backstage tour and hear a short talk given by the set designer. It's hard to describe the spare beauty of the set, and how the lighting evoked different moods. Oh, and the dancers' bodies were amazing -- they had incredible control and artistry, and the moves were a mixture of ballet, modern, tai chi, and acrobatics. Every time I see a dance performance, I want to get up and move, too.

Unfortunately, this weekend I have my CFA test prep course. I really appreciate the course; I'm definitely an aural learner, and the course schedule helps pace my studying. The one drawback is that I sit for nine hours in a classroom, which just leaves me feeling sluggish and bloated by the end of the day. And tonight, Eve organized a lovely vegetarian buffet dinner, so now I'm feeling especially rotund.

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