Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Our office's email systems have been downed by the latest computer virus, the timing of which is probably just as well for Taiwan's first day back from the lunar new year holiday. I've not spent so much time away from the office while in Taiwan, spending a luxuriously leisurely holiday puttering about.

In the past week, I've had several good climbing sessions, took a BodyBalance class at my gym, hiked Four Animals Mountains with Karen, had a Lunar New Year's eve dinner with family, and visited the excellent Museum of World Religions in the Taipei suburb of Yonghe.

The weather has been quite cold--the coldest in the past 11 years--and so Saturday night Jonathan took Evelyne and I to a public hot spring in Xin Beitou. Less than a five minute walk from the MRT station, for NT$40 (a little over US$1), I took in the waters and was finally able to feel warm for the first time in days.

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