Friday, November 07, 2003

Okay, I'm not doing a very good job at following my own advice. I was planning on having a quiet night at home last Friday. But then Basil called about a small going-away after a (free) massage at my gym, I dashed home to change, met up with Eric (who's in town for two months on a consulting project) and his two co-workers at Shintori, and then met up with Basil and Chris at Carnegie's. A Long Island iced tea later, I was home at 2:30am...and was up by 7:30 to re-hydrate myself and get ready for a full day of paint-balling out in Tamshui. This was my first time going paint-balling, and I think I'll do it again...after I recover from my bruises. Came home from paint-balling and quickly showered and headed out to meet Jonathan to see "Kill Bill." I actually quite liked the film--the gurgling sounds of flowing bodily fluids aside--especially the visuals (the final scene between Lucy Liu's O-ren Ishii and Uma Thurman's "the bride" characters) and the soundtrack. Anyways, after "Kill Bill," I finally got to see the renowned 70s Airport Love Palace via a Halloween party the residents were hosting.

Sunday was a quiet day of sleep and recovery. Monday night I really exerted myself at the climbing gym (and now have injured my left shoulder muscle, sigh), Tuesday night I went with my co-worker Walsh to check out the Taiwan Society of Investment Professionals happy hour (I plan on taking the CFA exam next spring), Wednesday night I was up till 1:30am discussing with Christine and Joann ORIENTED, Inc's structure, and last night I caught up with Doug over dinner and got a foot massage along with Christine and Rose at the night market while waiting for James to re-connect with his mobile phone so that I could go over and borrow a sleeping bag and mat for this weekend's hiking trip to Da Ba Jian mountain. So, not much rest this week, but the adventures continue...

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