Thursday, September 11, 2003

Yesterday was the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, so I spent a leisurely day recovering from the rigors of travel--unpacking, laundry, cleaning, and catching up with friends online, over the phone, and in person. Yesterday was a day of being unexpectedly touched by moments of thoughtfulness, and also of being disappointed by unintentional slights. I cannot complain, though. My friend Mike Co reminded me on my birthday, my life is already very rich. Of course, he wrote this to excuse himself from getting me cars, diamonds, or jewelry...I don't need any of those items, but gifts of jewelry, clothing, shoes, and books are always welcome. ;-)

Taiwan has been very kind to me, and Sunday will mark two years in Taiwan.

Speaking of good friends, I was simply tickled to meet up with Maggie and her friend, Peter Dworin, who now has another 15 minutes of online fame, while in San Francisco.

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