Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Melissa asked me yesterday if I was looking forward to Friday. I had to think for a bit before I realized she was referring to my departure to the States for vacation. Yep, I'm going to L.A. to see my parents, visit some friends in the SF Bay Area, and attend my Pi Reunion in Las Vegas.

Actually, I've been dreading Friday's approach, not only because I have so much to do before I leave--errands to run, the ORIENTED Happy Hour to plan and host, and other volunteer commitments--but also because I haven't lost any weight (in fact, I've gained a few pounds) and I'll see my mother on Friday. Every time I go to my parents' place, I'm racked with concern about my body--am I fatter, thinner? What will my mom say this time?

I know that this is pretty typical as many of my girlfriends get the same kinds of comments from their mothers, but sometimes I'd like to be more relaxed about my weight and not be so on edge about all of this.

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