Tuesday, July 15, 2003

On Saturday Galen and I joined a few of my cousins and their friends for a hike through the Shei-Pa (xue ba, snow mountain) National Park. Galen preferred this to his canyoning experience the week before, as our hike was anchored on either end with a generous lunch and tea time, and there were no steep ravines to scramble out of. I was afraid the whole day might be on of those mountain tours that involved being shipped around from one scenic sight to another on a tour bus, where we dutifully leave the air conditioned bus for the obligatory photo to prove that we were there, but we actually had a quite nice four hour hike. My calves were actually sore the next day--which is a good thing.

The not-so-good-thing is that some insect bit me and now my left ankle is red and swollen. I went to the Taiwan Adventist Hospital to get it checked out last night, and unsuprisingly, the doctor prescribed antibiotics, antihistamines, antiinflammatories, and, to top it all off, an antacid to counteract all the unpleasant effects the other medications would have on my stomach.

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