Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I startle myself everytime I see a reflection of me--on Saturday, I had my hair cut. Originally, I wanted something along the lines of what Renee Zellweger sported at the 2003 Oscars. However, I also mentioned to my stylist that I have had basically the same hairstyle for the past two years. After hearing about my lifestyle, she suggested that a short cut might be more appropriate. I was a little unsure--what she described seemed to be a little out there for me. Eventually, we agreed that she would cut my hair as I originally intended, and then we could go from there. Well, it was a nice cut, but again, the same old. So I told her to go for it, and when she was finally done...eek! Responses have ranged from "you look older" to "you look like a little boy" (gotta love the refreshing directness of the Taiwanese). Overall, though, most people agree that it has more character. Whether that character is really me, well, I'll have to think some more about that. I suspect it's not. But at least I tried something different.

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