Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I feel compelled to write a bit about current events, to go outside the realm of Berta in Taiwan. I remember once telling my cousin Jay that the U.S. media is not as biased as the media in Taiwan. These are the headlines of articles reporting the same event from the three English dailies in Taiwan:

- "DPP eyes referendum-law initiative," Taipei Times
- "Ex-DPP heavyweight stages protest," China Post
- "Protestors clamor for nuke plant referendum," Taiwan News

However, the U.S. media hasn't proven itself much better. A sample of the U.S. media coverage on Iraq:

- Showdown: Iraq, CNN
- Standoff with Iraq, New York Times
- Confronting Iraq, Washington Post

And now, coverage elsewhere around the world:

- Conflict with Iraq, BBC
- Iraq crisis, Financial Times
- War in Iraq, Economist

Paul Krugman wrote an editorial in the New York Times about the role of the American media in this latest story in world affairs, "Let Them Hate As Long As They Fear."

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